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Soup of the Evening

Beautiful Soup!

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Beware: I'm a fangirl.

Where else can you find me?
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[X] devart (nothing there, but you can friend me!)

I like all sorts of things, but I'm especially enamored of video games. I also love comic books, manga, anime, and cheesy fantasy novels. I write crappy fanfic, draw mediocre fanart, and do other fannish things, such as collect smutty doujinshi and complain about other fans.

Other hobbies include making webpages, translating manga, frisbee golf, and karaoke.

I love music and I like to share, so there are often random music posts here, either reviews of CDs & concerts, mp3 posts, pleas for obscure new wave songs to be sent to me, etc. If you find songs linked here PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THEM ANYWHERE as these are hosted on server space that I pay for.

I keep a ficblog on lj also. I moved this blog, Angry Babble, to lj from pitas.com; you can go read the archives from my first two years of blogging, if you don't mind that all the images are broken (they were all on my old ISP's server).

I'm in my mid-20s (GOD I AM OLD), live on a mountain in Colorado, and currently attend MSCD.


ZODIAC: Cancer
HEIGHT: 5'1 in the morning
MUSIC: Punk, indie, rock, new wave, pop, techno, dance, electronica, post punk, etc
BIZARRE MUSICAL WEAKNESSES: ondo, enka, and Irish/Scottish drinking songs and sea shanties
AUTHORS: Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Michael Stackpole, Diana Wynne Jones, Patricia Wrede, Gordon Korman (early works), Sharyn McCrumb, Tad Williams, Garth Nix, Gerald Durrell
VIDEO GAMES: Terranigma, Persona 2, FF6, FF8, FF9, FFX, Bust a Groove 2, DDR, Skies of Arcadia, Puzzle Fighter, KoF, MvC2, CvS2, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Wild ARMs, Chrono Cross, Magical Drop III, Fatal Frame, SMT Nocturne, Avatar Tuner, Guitar Hero, Twinkle Star Sprites, Suikoden, Okami, Metal Gear Solid
ANIME: Slayers, Kodocha, Tenshi ni Narumon, Escaflowne, Saint Tail, CCS, Slam Dunk, Stellvia, Witch Hunter Robin, Twin Spica, 12 Kingdoms, Honey & Clover, Ouran HS Host Club, Saiunkoku Monogatari
MANGA: Wallflower (AKA Yamato Nadeshico Shichihenge), Hime-chan's Ribbon, Here is Greenwood, Violinist of Hameln, Wind-Up Tina, Gestalt, One Piece, Get Backers, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Yellow, Dorohedoro, random video game manga
DISLIKES: wasabi, bad fanfiction, shota, non-con
#fret, aestheticism.com x shoujoai.com, anime, araki hirohiko, archetypes, atlus, avatar: the last airbender, bad religion, banana fish, benimaru nikaido, biking, bitching, books, breyer's peach ice cream, capcom, cardboard boxes, carl jung, cartoons, chocobos, cinnabon, comic books, concerts, cute shoes, devil may cry, diana wynne jones, discworld, doctor who, doujinshi, drawing, dreamcast, early gordon korman, fairy tales, fanart, fandom, fanfiction, fangirling, fashion, fatal frame, ficbitches, fics that don't suck, fighting games, final fantasy, fruits basket, garth nix, get backers, green day, guitar hero, hating julia roberts, haunted junction, heat guy j, hentai, here is greenwood, het, homoerotic beatdown manga, impulse, indie, initial d, invader zim, irc, japanese, jojo's bizarre adventure, katsuya suou, king of fighters, kodomo no omocha, kyo kusanagi, locke cole, macgyver, magical drop iii, manga, manhwa, meeping, metal gear solid, milk-flavored candy, moombas, mr darcy, mst3k, mythology, near-pr0n, neil gaiman, new face team, new game +, nonsense, omg wtf lol, passionate male friendship, patricia wrede, persona 2, phoenix wright, photoshop, pit of voles, pr0n, punk, punk goes ____, puzzle fighter, raitei, raw meat, reno and rude, rpg maker, rpgs, sam and max, samurai warriors, sandman, schtolteheim reinbach iii, scrubs, scud the disposable assassin, selfcest, shadow hearts, shingo yabuki, silent hill, six string samurai, skater boys, skies of arcadia, sl0ring, slash, slayers, snes, snk, squaresoft, star platinum, steel ball run, suikoden, sushi, tenshi ni narumon, terry pratchett, the neverending story, too many interests, translation, twinkle star sprites, usable web design, video games, wacom, waff, wallflower, webcomics, wild arms, winamp skins, writing, ya novels, yamato nadeshiko shichihenge, yaoi, yellowish blue, your mom, zell dincht, , 漫画