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I've got your voice repeating endlessly

Surprise it is a music blog!

I haven't done one of these in a long time (or any other sort of blog entry but never mind that right now), so I felt the urge. It's been a while and I'm super lazy so I didn't feel like going through previous posts, but I'm fairly positive I haven't posted most of these songs. In case you're wondering, yes, I've become EVEN MORE of a pretentious indie hipster since I last posted. Soon I will buy black frame glasses, very tight jeans, and some kind of clever and/or ironic t-shirt (OH SHIT I ALREADY HAVE ONE).

Last night I went to the White Rabbits concert, so I'll talk about that first. For the rest of this post... I was trying to think of a theme for the stuff I've uploaded but I couldn't really think of anything that would overlay all of these songs, so just accept it!!!1 Okay let's and go!!

Last night was the White Rabbits concert I'd been thinking about going to. The band is one of those pop-rock type bands very popular in the indie scene at the moment, the sort that usually have slightly jangly guitars and somewhat falsettoey vocals (my least-favorite aspect of the genre); I tend to refer to the lot of them with the blanket term "indie rawk" (everything from the Fratellis to Foals to Franz Ferdinand and even bands with names that begin with letters other than F). The show was cheap (only $13 DOS, $11 if I had been more decisive or less lazy and gone to the box office prior to the day of the show) and at my fav venue, the Bluebird (I dunno why I like that particular place so much; lots of positive experiences?).

I'm not a huge fan of this band, but their album "Fort Nightly" has a few songs I like quite a lot and the rest are all pretty acceptable; it's a solid album and there's nothing I actually dislike. I hadn't been to a show in a while and missed a few shows I kinda wanted to see in the last few weeks due to lack of either time or funds, so I was seriously considering this one. 90% of bands are better live, so I knew it'd probably be a good time, but as usual my level of inertia re: leaving the house was pretty high. On Friday, my roommate J came to fetch me from work so that we could go to CostCo (my commute is usually ~1.5 hrs and it would have been too late to go after that), and he was all "Yeah I was moving everything from my storage unit into our basement and so I was listening to Radio 1190 all day in my car, and I won concert tickets for some band called the White Rabbits, do you want to go?"

So last night we found ourselves at the Bluebird. We missed the opening band except for the last song, which was a Bob Dylan cover and therefore not all that helpful in defining them (but you can check out a few songs by Michael Benjamin Anthony Robinson here). My main impression of them (from that one song; I haven't had time to review those mp3s) is that they were fun and kinda folky; I dunno how their overall sound is, but the (eponymous?) singer and his guitarist were grinning in that wide, face-hurty way that means you're really happy, and that was cute. I really like bands who appear to be having fun performing. As Harvey Danger so eloquently put it in the 90s, "If you're bored then you're boring."

It did turn out to be a fun show; the White Rabbits had on stage your standard guitar and bass, but also a piano (and synthesizer... well probably both were synthesizers, but one was set as a piano) a large round drum which had to be played standing up, and two regular drumsets (one of the drummers was the "jack of all instruments," sometimes on the drum kit, sometimes rattling a tambourine around, sometimes playing the synthesizer while the keyboards guy rocked the piano). I like rock bands which use non-guitar instruments so I was happy for a piano; J felt they would have been improved by a brass section. I danced about a lot, encouraged by Smirnoff Ice that J bought me because he felt bad that his friends came over the night before and drank all my cider, and I bought a t-shirt with the money I didn't spend on a ticket, so overall it was a good concert experience. The most tragic part of the evening was that J didn't want to stop at the late-night cupcake and latte shop after the show, presumably because he doesn't like cute things.

On the album, the percussion is just another part of the music (though I notice it more now) and you kind of feel the singing and piano are the bits that stand out, but at the live show, it was totally the percussion section, although the piano was a close second. The two drum guys would sit next to each other with their arms moving in perfect synch, though they'd split for different parts sometimes, and grinning at each other from time to time, and it was sort of hypnotizingly fun-looking. It made me really think about how percussion is something so basic and appealing to humanity. If you like drumming and indie rock music, then you should see this band.

Try it and see! (hear. Whatever.)
* Kid On My Shoulders
* The Plot
* Take a Walk Around the Table


Everything Else

As I said, there's no real theme here other than "hay I feel like uploading this." Since it's been such a long time, there was a lot of stuff I felt like posting... DOUBLESTUF even. Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the copyright infringements! Okay I'm lying since I always tend to post loads of stuff because I lack self-control, but it might be a LITTLE more that usual. I try to post fewer tracks at a time, since I know that posting a whole bunch just leads to people cherrypicking and then missing out on the other stuff, which irritates me because I believe I am superior and that you should listen to everything I want you to listen to. *cough* On the other hand some of these are multiple songs by the same band so in terms of bands posted it's not so bad.

* Foals - Electric Bloom
* Foals - Red Socks Pugie
I don't know who or what a Pugie is but this is some catchy indie pop-synth-rock-electronica by Foals, an indie band from the UK. Their debut album, "Antidotes," produced by Dave Sitek (of TV on the Radio) is pretty solid; not all of the songs are the best thing evar, but what band can really say they've got an album filled with nothing but awesome songs? (Other than Radiohead of course??) Foals are also one of J's most favoritest bands right now, despite his avowed dislike of both pop and electronica, especially the dancy sort. Apparently everyone else likes them just as much, though, since I don't see a Remix Competition organized on last.fm for just any band. "Electric Bloom" (aka "the Race for Radio Supremacy" before it was renamed) is the subject of said competition, so if you like it, you can go download 50 remixes of it. If you would enjoy seeing Foals live, they are one of the many, many excellent bands who will be playing at the Monolith Festival, which as repeatedly stated, looks like it won't be able to help being awesome.

* The Whip - Save My Soul
* The Whip - Sirens
The Whip is vaguely similar to Foals, except they are definitely far more on the electro/synth side of the indie rock spectrum. Also the lyrics to their songs often make sense (not a strong point of Foals). I am pretty fond of their album "X Mark Destination," because the songs are kind of cute and pleasant and good to listen to when you're in a mood for something upbeat that won't startle your brain late at night. I also really enjoy singing along to this particular band.

* Mystery Jets - Diamond In the Dark
I thought this indie rawk song was catchy but unremarkable until it came on in my headphones while I was on the bus. I wanted to leap up and dance about! I didn't of course, but it was very energizing. The lyrics are so-so here; the music is the reason I really like this song. This is a band I keep meaning to find out more about since I discovered them last year with a few other catchy tunes, but I just keep forgetting.

* Brandtson - Earthquakes and Sharks
From what I can tell from previous albums, they've moved from a more emo rock sound (emo as the genre, not the content >_>) to a more relaxed pop rock sound (there are even some dancey electronica moments on this album!). If you like this song you'd probably like this entire album ("Hello Control"). This song is definitely made by the vocals; not that the guy has a particularly unique voice, but the lyrics are really amusing and the guy sings within his actual vocal range rather than the tenor-type vocals favored by pop punk bands everywhere for some reason I cannot understand. I love this song and really enjoy singing along. XD The subject of the song is his feelings about California and Mexico, to wit: "Earthquakes and sharks to start us off, if chupacabras ain't enough, black widow spiders and killer bees, there ain't no shade, there ain't no trees; got desert heat, polluted air, and traffic jams beyond compare. That's all, I got to warn ya about Mexico and California."

* The Futureheads - Robot
I might have posted this before. The Futureheads are a decent but unremarkable indie rawk type band, but this particular song amuses me way too much. The chorus is really catchy and for some reason I think it's super-cute. "The best thing is our lifespan, we last nigh on hundred years, if that means we'll be together, I don't mind." As a side note this band also should be given credit for doing what I consider a fun cover of a Kate Bush song (what?).

* Mika - Lollipop
Such a catchy beat that it makes me dance in the aisles whilst grocery shopping. Not regular dancing of course; you got to get yo' groove on, because this is hip-hop. Sort of. It's the kind of thing I call hip-pop. The lyrics also are great to sing along with when you're feeling resentful towards romance. Live your life until love is found, because love'll only get you down.

* Teddybears - Cobrastyle (feat. Mad Cobra)
Teddybears are a bunch of Sweeds who mix and create electronica. The album "Soft Machine" involves them mixing up a bunch of music and getting an enormous variety of singers to do the vocals, from Iggy Pop to Nenah Cherry to Jamaican DJ Mad Cobra (featured in this song). The results are mostly great so it's another solid album on the list. This particular song is a mashup, but not the ordinary sort. It's more like when Erlend Oye does it: he covers it and then uses THAT for a mix. I knew I'd heard a lot of chunks of it, but I had trouble identifying them. Luckily this guy does a fantastic job identifying many chunks of the song, and as a bonus he talks about what the Sugarhill Gang, Queen, and Blondie have in common. XD

* Flobots - Handlebars
I think this song is becoming popular in places other than Denver, but I don't see/hear much music news these days and I hardly listen to the radio since I don't have a car. Anyhow, the Flobots are a local band who I believe just got signed or something. This is their most popular single; the rest of the album is mostly more hip-hop and also much more political than this. They have a lot of strong opinions on the war and the current state of our country.

* Alabama 3 - Amos Moses
Most people probably know Alabama 3 from "Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One)," the song used for the opening of The Sopranos. They have an unusual and distinctive alt-country-techno sound, and the singer for this band has a rough-edged, slightly menacing voice. This song is much less polished-sounding than some of their other stuff (even on the same album) but I really like it; it's a fun, jangly bayou-country electric folk song about a man named Amos Moses who was apparently the biggest, meanest alligator hunter, and he only had just one hand.

I was gonna do some links because I've got quite a few, but this entry has already taken like 5 hours to write (now I recall why I don't blog a lot when I'm busy >_>) and I am very tired of writing!! And if you got this far you're probably tired of reading. Let's take a break! I'll see you here next time for my Okage gameblog which will allow you to vicariously experience the game without any of that annoying gameplay stuff. I'm like a text-based plot tape. I may also review the movies I've seen recently, which will be unique since it's unusual for me to see any movies at all.

Later. "When you walk in the room I start to melt..."
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