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Manic depression is touching my soul

Hay guyz

I know I said last time I felt bettar and was ready to resume not sucking, or at least sucking less, but it turned out that was not in fact the case. (I crashed even before I could respond to comments. D'oh. Sorry.) Anyhow now I have to take new medicine. It has not, at this point, given me a rash or anything, so that's good. I decided to start blogging again, about any old crap just to get in the habit, because I miss blogging. BTW, I have been lying around like a rock and not even passively reading LJ, so if anything of moment happened in your life or in fandom in the last 4-5 months, please assume I don't know about it. I would LIKE to know, so feel free to comment and tell me (or link to any pertinent entries; I will read them, I just don't feel like reviewing 100 pages of flist backlog).

Current Ka-life update for those it concerns: Trav just moved out, so if you want extremely cheap rent in downtown Denver, now's the time to get it!!1 Also I got an extremely unimpressive job where I work with ambitious high school students who still have dreams, but hey, income is income, and having a job is good for me. (Speaking of which, I'm gonna post a big "help me avoid eviction!" fanstuff firesale later this week so if you've ever coveted any of my crap, stay tuned!) Also also, I got a new roommate who works in TEH INDUSTRY and flies out of town every weekend to scout models or something. He is pretty interesting; he wrote an article for Entertainment Weekly, has a photo of himself with Bowie-sama, and makes me feel like my coffee intake is healthy and restrained. He's also a big Heroes fan and got all pissy that I hadn't seen all of S1 yet and couldn't discuss spoilers with him. XD;;

SPEAKING OF HEROES (bonus points for a subtle segue)--

Today's blog is only a year or two late: zomg I started watching Heroes!! SO STOP NAGGING, BITCHES

So liek nangke and jokersama and yositune nagged me incessantly to watch heroes, which you probably all know is the ony way to get me to do anything, and eventually I did start watching it. I've got through episode 10 so far (and hopefully will be a bit further by the time my roommate comes back from wherever he is this weekend). As usual, I guess I'll give you my character and plot impressions thus far:

* Peter Petrelli
AKA Emo Petrelli. Played by a cute Italian guy whom Yosi refers to as "Milo Venticoffee." Despite his emo ways, I like him and his floppy hair and heroic deathwish or whatever. XD I was told by many, many, MANY people that he is totally gay for everyone from Nathan to Sylar, but I clearly saw him with a girl so I'm not entirely convinced of that right now. Okay except maybe with Nathan. >_> Anyhow I'm sure that as with many characters I like, his IQ will degrade over time, but as of ep 10 he's a fairly bright guy! Not big on the whole "I want to live" thing but then, some people aren't. He is not a hueg nerd (like, say, Hiro) and wouldn't appear to have a lot of info re: special abilities... Yet he figured out, with only two vague examples, that his special power is the ability to copy other people's powers when they're nearby. To me that seems like quite the logical leap for anyone to make with so little info, especially someone who's not a member of the X-Men or something.

* Nathan Petrelli
AKA Smarmy Petrelli, Smug Petrelli, Asshole Petrelli, Power Petrelli, etc. Dom says Nathan cares about things in the following order, except that 1 and 2 sometimes switch:
1) Himself
2) Peter
[insert yawning canyon]
3) Rest of his family
4) Everything else.
I have to say I haven't totally seen this either (that Nathan cares about ANYTHING more than himself, or that he cares about Peter that much more than the rest of his family), but I think I'm getting there. It's obvious Nathan's mildly annoyed by Peter's emo nonsense and sympathy for other humans, but he obviously cares, since he shows up when he thinks something bad will happen to Peter. By ep 8 or 9 when he destroys the painting that shows Peter dying, I could feel more like it's going in this direction, but I think upcoming eps will probably show the brotherly luv much more clearly. Although I gotta say the snugglies with smooches at the dinner party before Nathan's car accident were a bit much. >_> OH BUT THEY ARE ITALIAN, OKAY. I gotta say I like Nathan's unbreakable cool: whether he's flying away from abductors, strolling into a cafe in his jammies, being punched in the face by Peter, cheating on his wife, or cajoling money out of the people blackmailing him, he is cool as a cucumber. In this way he and Peter are total opposites, as Peter is not really a guy you'd ever accuse of being poker-faced. I'd approve of Nathan slightly more if he hadn't cheated on his wife, but I guess in the end we all have to do the Joseph thing and just pretend it didn't happen and was just an excuse to advance the plot. >_>

* Mama Petrelli
I assume she has a name but hell if I remember it. Nathan and Peter's mom seems pretty nice. At least, nice to Emo Petrelli. I wonder if she was telling him the truth when she said he's her favorite? If they were my kids, Emo Petrelli would probably be my favorite too. >_> I am only mentioning her here because Yosi said she'd be more important later. Does she have a power too? It seems to run in the family. What about Nathan's kids? Fushigi mystery.

* Simone
She's really pretty and well-meaning and all that. I didn't connect with her character well. She seems like one of those people I can admire but not understand... but I don't dislike her. I would think she puts a crimp in fangirl plans to gay up Peter since she totally banged him. XD

* Mohinder
Looks way hot in a wifebeater. <3 Er, I mean, has deep and meaningful thoughts on things. And stuff. Yeah. >_> Well, I dunno what to make of him yet. Everyone tells me he and Sylar have a suspicious relationship later on, but at this point I like him, although his reluctance to accept things just because he doesn't feel like it is sort of annoying. Look, if you've gone to Amrika to figure out if your daddy was right, and you think he kind of might have been, and some people want to help you with it because they think so too, then stop being all OH NEVERMIND I TOTALLY DON'T BELIEVE THIS AND AM GOING TO GO SULK ABOUT IT. I mean god. I feel sorry for that poor dream kid. He was probably like "YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, SO STOP BEING A DAMN WUSS AND JUST ADMIT IT TO YOURSELF AND STOP BOTHERING ME WHEN I AM TRYING TO SLEEP."

* Claire Bennet
Early on I wasn't sure if I would like her. In the first ep or two she was sort of mean to AV nerdboy and had a sort of stereotypical "cheerleader" persona going on. I think the writers intended this, and then they deconstructed that and showed the influences and pressures in her life and such. She herself also changed a bit through some of her experiences and such, especially that whole thing with the football player. I think more people would find being accidentally killed during an attempted rape to be a really eye-opening experience if they, uh, didn't stay dead. >_> I gotta admit I was pleased by her clever plan to stop that guy's ebil ways, though I'm glad he didn't die, since I wouldn't want her to feel guilty. At this point I really like her and I hope her character continues to be cute and interesting and straightforward.

* Mr Bennet
Well, he's sort of ebil, isn't he? XD;; Of course they make him look extra-suspicious and hateful during the initial eps, but even now that I know a bit more about him, he's still not what you'd call nice? XD He's an interesting character--seems to be on the side of justice, more or less, as long as justice doesn't get in his way. I can approve of that, but he is a bit too heartless and ruthless to really be the sort of person who appeals to me (whereas of course Puu and Yosi think he is the best thing evar). I do find him interesting, and his sort of personality is the sort which does get stuff accomplished. After recent events, I've decided that although the writers make him out to be very shady, he does love his little girl and is not being deceptive (to the viewer) in that regard. Which makes all their interactions sort of hilarious. XD My favorite two scenes with him in so far were the one in the hospital where he is EVIL DADDY who is all "Raep MY little girl? NONE FOR YOU" to the quarterback, and the one where Smarmy Petrelli flies away. Just because it was extremely funny. XD

* Nerd Boy
Claire's scruffy shadow. Is he actually gay? Or what? Honestly, it didn't occur to me AT ALL because I really don't think gay dudes follow cute girls around like puppies, especially if the girl is not even very nice to them. Even if they ARE osananajimi (or whatever they are... he seems extremely familiar with her house and family). "Gay" did not even enter my mind until he was accused of it and then gave an impassioned (yet vague) speech in Claire's bedroom about how YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF THE PERSON YOU ARE AND DON'T LET SOCIETY'S DISAPPROVAL STOP YOU FROM BEING YOURSELF, followed by his rejection of what was essentially her offer to let him spend an evening feeling her up. That was pretty suspicious. However, if the writers do want him to be her gayfriend, I won't believe it unless they tone down the puppyness and maybe show him having hawt buttsecks, because it just doesn't seem to jive with his earlier behavior. XD

* Hiro
Of course I love Hiro. Duh. Who doesn't love Hiro? I think you'd have to be a heartless person who hates rainbows and puppies to hate Hiro. I was mildly traumatized by JP fanart May showed me of future Hiro molesting present Hiro but anyhow. He's adorable!!! Also, he and Ando-kun usefully have all their conversations in simple words using standard Japanese, so it's good listening practice for me. Hiro's conviction that he's, well, a hero, is very cute, and of course I think the fact that he seems to like Jojo (info gleaned from his blog) as much as we do is totally awesome. I hear he MUDAMUDAMUDAs in the new season. I cannot wait. Although I think he should ORAORAORA instead of course. I do wonder how exactly Hiro discovered his ability... with his personality, I think that might have been an extremely entertaining scene.

* Ando-kun
I hear he is Hiro's loving manpanion. I was amused by how karma really seems to work for the two of them, in that it totally bit Ando in the ass when he made Hiro cheat at the casino, whereas Hiro's punishment for same was relatively light. Still not sure what happened to those bad poker guys while Hiro and Ando were performing the Japanese custom of going to the bathroom together. I should probably review it. I think Niki killed them, but what for? Were they those same guys who could have ratted her out to her husband? It didn't seem like the same setting since they had to go down all those stairs but Hiro and Ando climbed out a window.

* Waitress girl
I forgot her name. She was cute (red hair, kyaaaaa... if there's ever an MGS3 movie, maybe she could play Para-Medic?) and seemed very nice though! I was sad she died. Didn't she die? Now I'm puzzled since Hiro accidentally jumped (I'm sure there are some fangirls writing girl-hating slashfic about how it was because subliminally he finds girls yucky, but I don't think that was the case) and so of course she might have been Sylarized anyhow. D'oh.

* Niki/Jessica
Okay, from the beginning, I was just sort of like "eh" about Niki, and of course you don't know much about Jessica. At first I thought her power was to either transform or to simply have an alternate personality, and that seemed pretty lame, but now I realize it's actually super-strength/fighting skillz. It's just that like Isaac, she can't trigger her power consciously, she has to be in a certain state (in her case, instead of drugs, her other personality needs to be triggered). Anyhow, as the series has progressed, I've become more and more tired of Niki's waffly weepy inability to do things (and she seems to become more and more incapable... at the beginning, although Jessica did the fighting, Niki dealt with some things and efficiently did what she could, but by now it seems like all she does is wring her hands and wait for Jessica to do all the thinking). However, while I can't say I really LIKE her, I feel sorry for her and don't think she's a bad person or anything. Jessica, on the other hand, is a raging homicidal maniac and supar-bitch, and I really wish there were some way to kill her off. She seems to feel that violence is the only answer, ever. Niki can be sort of dumb and for a while I thought Jessica was smarter than her, but by this point I'm pretty sure they're both dense, just in different ways.

* Micah
I think he's adorable. Would love to see more of him. Once I figured that he must have some suparpower, it was obvious that it had to be something to do with technology, which it was. Whee.

* DL
Niki's husband. Poor guy. His wife's other personality framed him for murder, tried to keep him away from his son, and then tried to murder him. He is still alive right now, but I'm wondering if that will continue to be the case in episode 11. I like him much better than Niki (and his power is much cooler) so I wish she'd get killed instead. Sigh.

* the Haitian
I assume he never talks or gets a name. He is interesting to look at. Do they explain why he's so loyal to Mr Bennet?

* Short-haired Girl
Being the gullible sort, I never suspected a thing till she reported on Mohinder to Mr Bennet, at which point I was shocked and dismayed! Weep. She seems to have a thing for Mystery Sock. I wonder how that's gonna work out. XD

* Mystery Sock
Isaac. The nickname is due to how every time Hiro says "Mr Isaac" it sounds like "Mystery Sock." I believe this observation was originally made by someone on TVWP. XD I like him, so I hope they change that future. He has an interesting skill and is cute, although frankly he looks better scruffy than all clean-shaven. I wish that creating art were a drug-induced hazy version of Paint by Numbers for me. I'd be a lot more productive. :(

* Matt Parkman
Definitely the least interesting and most forgettable of the lot. Poor guy. He really seems very good at heart, committed to justice, and means well, though, so I feel sorry for him whenever he appears. I must say I really didn't need to imagine him getting his hump on. Thanks, writers. Anyhow, his power would pretty much suck to have, I think. Especially since he can't control it, after his meeting with Bennet-tan. I assume the black mark on his neck and sudden difficulty are due to something that happened to him which he forgot. I felt sorry for radioactive man who killed his wife by accident, since that probably also was the fault of Mr Bennet. Obviously, given that NYC appears to be nuked in Isaac's painting, radioactive man will continue to be important.

* Sylar
I was hoping he'd be cuter. :( I can sort of guess why he and Peter might understand one another -- they both desperately want to be special and feel devastated when they think they aren't. Peter really undervalues his very interesting and useful power, and so does Sylar. In Sylar's case, though, I think he and Dr Suresh must have both taken stupid pills that morning, since it was PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that his innate ability is being able to tell when things are "broken" (i.e. not doing what he feels is correct) and then "fixing" them. What with "HAY I CAN TELL, SEEMINGLY BY MAGIC, IN THIS VERY NOISY STORE, THAT YOUR WATCH IS OFF, AND I KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO FIX IT." I mean, yes, he is a watchmaker, but that is not normal--and while a regular person could think, "that was weird, but I guess he IS a watch guy," Dr Suresh was LOOKING FOR SOMETHING UNUSUAL. You'd think he would have fucking noticed that. Geez, just because it's not flying or something. =_= And of course the last thing Peter and Sylar have in common seems to be the ability to take other people's powers, but Peter doesn't have to eet their brains to do it (although I wonder: if he DID eat their brains, would he keep the power permanently like Sylar apparently does? Is the brain-eating part of Sylar's powers, or could anyone eat a mutant person's brain and gain a special skill? Also: isn't he worried about the human equivalent of Mad Cow disease?)

So overall, I like the series and find it interesting. It's taking me a while to watch it because even when I like something, I sometimes feel a strong resistance about continuing it, especially when it is something long (or even when it's not... I have a 200pg book on my desk that I've been reading for 4 months, even though if I just sat down with it I could knock it out in 2-3 hours). I have no idea why this happens to me, but it does, so you should be proud I've even gotten to ep 10! I look forward to getting to season 2, possibly before Season 3.

The major question I have right now is: how come everyone suddenly got their powers 6 months ago? And how come there are a few people who had powers even before that? If there was some mass trigger at the time, what triggered the other people? And how come people from other parts of the world either don't have powers and/or are not using them to do anything bad? Does this have something to do with the meteor crater in Arizona?!?!?! I assume these things are explained. As for the tagline of the show, I think that the main reason that saving Claire saves the world is because if Sylar were to have Claire's ability, he'd be really hard to stop. As we've seen both during the car crash scene and in Jojo, even something seemingly innocuous like the ability to heal yourself (or repair other things) can be used to do massive damage, if you're creative enough. XD

That's it for now. More as this story develops! Stay tuned for my response to someone's fanfic meta post which I wrote up as a lengthy comment and have decided to just post here instead.

Later. "I know what I want, but I just don't know..."
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