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Bang Bang, Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon her head

What news? None really. Finally got the chance to play Beatles: Rock Band thanks to Shawn. It is a fine game and I recommend the experience to anyone who enjoys music games, singing, and/or the Beatles. It supports up to three mics and actually displays (and scores) harmony! :D How spiffy is that? Also one can sing "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" (and the rest of Abbey Road but I must shamefully admit to not being familiar with any other songs off said incredibly important album) which is just a good time in any case.

Okay, this will be the last of the book reporting. I hope it'll go quickly as it's mostly Discworld books and, when you get down to it, either you like them or you don't. These are mostly too late in the series for me to comfortably recommend them as a starting point (the series doesn't really need to be rigidly read in order, but most later books have certain prerequisites if you want to get the most out of them). If you do enjoy these novels, then there's very specific information you want to have about them, so it shouldn't take too long. If you don't, I don't really know why we're friends. Anyhow.

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Okay out of time AGAIN but at least I've got through last month's Discworld novels (I read more this month >_>). Will respond to comments and finish up book list next time! Currently checking out yaoi manga from the library. lol.

Later. "bang bang, Maxwell's silver hammer made sure that she was dead."
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And honestly, I'm down like the economy

I'm trying to get to public computers of one sort or another at least every 2-3 days now, so eventually I might catch up on things. Who knows. Back to my October reading list! (I know, I know, I go away for a year and when I come back, I decide to write really boring entries. In my defense I am trying to rebuild my old life and it was pretty dull! AND WE LIKED IT THAT WAY okay, well, perhaps we didn't, but we certainly appreciate it now.)

Out of curiousity, is there anything y'all WOULD prefer me to blog about?

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okay, I STILL don't have time to finish my book list but luckily most of the rest of them are Discworld novels (I'm on a series rereading binge since the new book came out) so I'll just list them later. Oh and the 70s amateur detective novels. Which are very smartly written and the clever writing makes up for the lack of actual detectoring.

Later. "Baby are you down down down down down?"
I rule.

It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep

God, is Owl City just fluffy kittens and sugar on disc or what? (Worse than Hellogoodbye!) Meanly, I'm glad I downloaded his music when he had it all posted for free on last.fm last year! Actually, I feel some hipster dual happiness/annoyance that music I like is getting played on the radio. I mean. ANYONE COULD HEAR IT!! What is the world coming to when, you know, plebes can listen to things I like?!? I'M SPECIAL DAMMIT oh wait I'm supposed to be above such feelings. Yeah. I'm happy that he's getting radio play! I'm not at all irritated that I missed the concert and it sold out to a bunch of teenagers anyhow!


I'd like to thank all of you who responded to the last post. I'm trying to get my old life back, dammit, and part of that is you fine internet folk and blogging about my inane hobbies and such, so I'll do what I can to get back to it. Don't have time to respond to comments right now but will do so asap!

In that vein, back to my October 2009 book reviews! (Sorry to those who don't read, or at least don't read the same stuff as me. When I'm done I'll do uhhh short impressions of Silent Hill 4, Jade Empire, and Lux-Pain for those of a gamer bent.)

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Damn! out of time AGAIN jdkfjaklfj. Next time: new Terry Pratchett novel (good), Fables comics (fantastic!), Castle Waiting (okay), Tad Williams novel (long), some amateur detective novels from the 70s (smart!), The Book of Unholy Mischief (informative?) and uhhh yeah. :D

Man, it feels good to talk about crap like this again.

Later. "I'd get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs..."
maybe a glass of milk would help

Look into my eyes

Wow, it's been about a year since I last posted. And without any kind of exaggeration I can assure you it's been the worst year of my life. Maybe someday when it's over I'll write about it. In the meantime, perhaps you can spot some of it in the fic I write, because one of my more annoying traits as a writer is to always be thinking, when something horrible happens to me, "Hey, at least now I can write about this!" (I'm going to write fic again. I really am. Dammit. When I get a new computer, beause someone snapped my laptop in two, double-dammit.)

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For the last three weeks I've stayed at a women's shelter (and some of their stories of DV and such are really fairly nightmarish and make me feel even more whiny and useless) and I'm trying to put my life back together, which is slow going. Since my computer is dead and my Nintendo DS got stolen (HATE FOR THE WORLD), I've been reading a lot. I am tired of writing navel-gazing entries which must be boredom squared for any of you still nice enough to be reading my lj, so enjoy these book reviews instead. This was my October reading list. (In truth some of these may be from September but most are from the last 2 weeks, when I got my library card back.)

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Okay actually my time at the library's about done so: more tomorrow!!1 Yayyyy

Later. "It's the only way you'll know I'm telling the truth."
I rule.

One more day to suffer the scene

I wanted to do that meme a few weeks ago where you take a photo of yourself, so I borrowed my roommate M's digicam. I was also gonna take pics of M and J and my house and so on to sort of show how I've been living, but everything lately's gotten all crazy and my life's about to change again, so I just got distracted. Also I was gonna try to take the photo on my way out the door someplace so I'd look less crappy than usual (I know that wasn't the idea, but whatevs, I was gonna LIE TO UOU ALL MWAHA!!). However, I wound up taking the "as you are right now" photo anyhow because several days ago, my roommate J rushed into my room all ZOMG THERE IS A RAINBOW IN MY ROOM, GET THE CAMERA, WE NEED TO TAKE PICS OF OURSELVES IN IT, HURRY UP WHILE IT IS STILL HERE so I did!

Thus in the spirit of the meme, enjoy these pics of me with no shower that day, hair is a mess, in my half-pajama around-the-house clothes! :D I also included a pic of J looking weird. (I still plan to take "real" pics of myself and J and M and couch guy a bunch of other people and things around here, but I didn't want to put off posting any longer, since it's already been like 3 weeks again d'oh).

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Okay, that's it for pics right now, moar later when I go crazy with M's digicam. :D It occurs to me that aside from a few random pics jokersama has taken of me at concerts and such over the last few years, I don't really have any pics of myself more recent than my high school senior pic. Ahaha. I'm a bit camerashy and not photogenic so the last 10 years of my life have gone largely undocumented. It's kinda sad. I hope to get my own digicam in the future and rectify the situation.

Links of the Day:
*** 40 Reasons Why You Too Can Hate Rob Liefeld.
*** Have you seen this cat?
*** Lego Indiana Jones Logistical Concerns. lol
*** The Eyeballing Game. I got a 3.3 but in my defense I got really tired of playing in the last round and got a few 7s and 8s. XD
*** Suffer For Free this Halloween! Link posted just in time! Whew.
*** Why you should just drink beer instead of investing.
*** SNL Mocks the VP Debate. A few weeks old, but linked for posterity and for those of you who, like me, haven't watched SNL for the last 10 years and may not be aware that this hilarity exists.
*** Obama Food Stamps. Not only super-racist but also mocking people (of all colors) for being so poor they can't afford food! It's funny because we're better than them. Now that's classy.
*** eHarmony Calls Cosplayers Undatable. I'm of two minds about this; essentially, though, if it's GOOD cosplay and you look hot, why not? I think it's more that "bad pictures make you undatable."
*** 20 Free Songs For Rock Band. Lots of the obscure and indie in there, unsurprisingly. I was most impressed to see Hollywood Undead (take THAT, people who kept erasing their wiki page when I was trying to find info because "it doesn't count as a real band") and Tickle Me Pink (colorado band). And X Japan. Because it's X Japan. (Sadly, the song is some terrible metal nonsense and not "Forever Luv" but hey.)
*** Smashing Pumpkins wank out live in Hollywood. "Corgan punctuated his point with the set closer -- an extended cover of Pink Floyd's 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun,' which devolved into the Pumpkins' bald leader pounding on timpani, guitarist Jeff Schroeder on theramin and the rest of the band joining in with a chorus of chirping stuffed bird toys." lol Billy Corgan
*** Furries Ruin Everything. In this episode of FRE, a perfectly good song ("Wildcat") by indie electro band Ratatat is ruined by mediocre lion fursuits (the tiger is better) and 80s-style music video editing (especially near the end).
*** Hot Chicks With Douchebags.com, a site where jealous nerds mock photos of bronzed, muscular guys behaving like asses and hanging out with bitchy-looking women sporting cleavage. I especially like this entry: someone writes in to point out the hypocrisy, saying, "all the women you think are hot are basically the female version of the guys you hate, and don't these shallow but good-looking people deserve one another?" The response is essentially, "Well I just wish society would change so that I could go on being shallow but hot women would want me for my winning personality" which is, I suppose, only human. If douchey.

Later. "I sold out everything but you, you see..."
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Gravity seems weak until you look down

Hay so uh, I guess breaking up entries doesn't necessarily mean I'll blog more! But I'm trying. My temp job ended recently so now I'm just sitting around my house bored and job-hunting (your help appreciated!!) and hopefully I can kick myself back into the blogging habit while I'm at it. Maybe I'll post that entry on best-buds yaoi I've got lying around! Also I've been trying to update my digicomics collection and should really do some recent comic book reviews for y'all. American comics need more fangirl readers.

Speaking of American comics, if you happened to attend Nan Desu Kan a few weeks ago (Denver's local animu convention), I wound up doing a panel with gookachu on the topic of "Manga vs American Comics" which was more or less intended to tell fans of one about the other. She intended it largely to educate parents of manga-readers about what their kids are reading and why; she felt that a lot of older Americans are familiar with, you know, superheroes and Archie and such but don't "get" manga. I thought she had a great goal, but I also wanted to come at it from the other direction: my POV is from fandom, and I am SO SICK of manga fen who won't even give AmeriComi (as the Japanese call them lol) a chance. I've just realized I was about to recap the whole panel and it should be its own lj entry (or at least share an entry with some comics reviews), so look forward to that, I guess.

One thing I did in the last few months which I wanted to write about was see The Faint in concert at the Ogden. The Faint are this sort of darkwave/emo/electro type band that I am quite fond of (as you can see from my listening stats on my last.fm account), and the last time they came to town, I had tickets and then wound up missing the show because there was a blizzard. That was a few years ago and I was always sad about it, so when I found out they were coming here at the end of July I was all excited and was like DAMMIT I AM GOING TO IT THIS TIME.

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Next music entry will be punk, because roommate J and I got drunk the other night and went to the MxPx & Lagwagon show (we got in free because he works security at the venue). I jumped around a lot and J got security to let him on stage to rub the singer's head during the Lagwagon encore (the guy was cool, just kept right on singing) and J's friend M got his front tooth punched out in the mosh (but he luckily kept it in his mouth so he just kept moshing), and we walked home because we were too drunk to ride our bikes and met these very nice tattooed & pierced gay dudes who sadly did not like The Dark Knight. Anyhow I hadn't seen MxPx in concert since about 1996 so I am feeling very nostalgic and affectionate towards punk right now. XD

Need more live music experiences? Well, if you're local, here's my list of Shows Of Interest for the next few months; feel free to join me at them. I probably won't go to most of them since my degree of apathy towards attending stuff by myself is high, but I haven't listed anything I wouldn't go see with someone else, and I will defintely go to at least a few of them.

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London fashion designer Giles Deacon's new Pac-Man inspired show. lol.
*** File under "shirts I want."
*** Jack Thompson is So Disbarred that he can't enter a food court. In case you don't know who Jack Thompson is, he was that lawyer who filed numerous cases against video games, faggotry, and other things he didn't approve of. (We agree at this point that he is not just bigoted, but actually has a mental condition, which is kind of sad. But this list of jokes is still hilarious.)
*** National Geographic Best Science Photos of 2008. Science as art. Very beautiful. But why did the Little Shop of Horrors Squid not win???
*** PSYCHIC CHICKEN SOUP AND MEATLOAF RECIPES! Two more recipes to come before the world ends!! I'm totally making meatloaf tonight I think. XD Looks delish. :9
*** You Make Me Touch Your Hands For Stupid Reasons. I lol'd. (I'm sure I'm behind the wave here BUT SO WHAT >:O)
*** John McCain disses David Letterman by ditching his interview to FIX TEH ECONOMY hang out with Katie Couric. LOLOLLOL. Letterman's reaction is fun too. Highlight near the end when he finds out that he didn't just get ditched, but that McCain's still giving an interview -- to Katie Couric. XD

I had more but that's enough for now, eh? I fully intend to post again like... tomorrow or something. Let's all cross our fingers for that! I want to do that "take a picture of yourself" meme. XD While I'm at it I should photo my house and my roommates so y'all can see how I'm living right now. XD

Alex Rider: Skanky Teenage Spy

What's at the end of Satan's rainbow?

Hi-ho! I, er, yeah. The wagon. I fell off it. Oh wellz. Here I am once more!!! I come to you bearing a music blog despite having tons of other things I could talk about. >_> I've been planning to post an entry for ages, but I just kept getting distracted and never got round to it. =_= I decided to hold off my Golden Sun gameblog since I'm currently in the last dungeon of GS2; also, I felt that since it had been so long, y'all as a group deserved a more interesting post than one about an obscure old RPG for the GBA which like 3 people might read. >_> Thus! A music blog! I think these are good entries for the general public because, well, everyone likes music! Yeah! And stuff.

In RL news: I'm an idiot who fucks up her life at every available opportunity! :D :D :D Also kind of slutty. I guess. Well not really, but meh. I would be if I could! Probably. Anyhow I've done some excitingly idiotic things or not done things I should have in the last several months, in a quite diverse range of life areas, so I guess I can be proud that I don't just stick to one SORT of fuckuppery. I'm a very well-rounded person! In a sense. >_>

But never mind all of that. Sigh. SIGH.

I was gonna put some updates here re: things I've done/seen/read since last posting, and in fact wrote them up and everything, but they got rather long and I remembered baoh was bitching about the excessive length of my entries and saying I needed to break them up, so I guess I'll post them later. They involve such divergent topics as whitewater rafting, the Dark Knight, Southland Tales, Dr Horrible, Slayers, moomins, and Siberian Huskies, so look forward to the next few posts, I suppose. (Yes, the Democratic National Convention was here in town, but aside from causing me to see 50000x more police hanging about downtown it did not affect me so I have nothing to say about it. Other than that there really was a rather amusingly large variety of law enforcement; in the ped mall I saw regular uniformed cops, cops on motorcycles, cops in squad cars, cops in SWAT gear, cops on bicycles, cops on horses, cops in helicopters, cops in boxes, cops with foxes, cops eating green eggs & ham, etc.)

One thing I did between last post and now was go to see The Faint in concert, and I wrote up some nonsense about the experience (involving all sorts of squishing, elbowing, and even groping) and uploaded some sample tracks and such, which I was gonna post as part of this entry (well, it's music-related!) but it got too long so I guess I'll give The Faint their own entry as well. Perhaps with all this breaking-up of subject matter I'll post more frequently. >_>

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Yeah so I was gonna post a list of all my upcoming Shows of Interest but frankly this has already taken a billion years to write, and that list always takes forever because of all the research/links, and this is already really long anyhow. I'll just post them separately later, so as to post SOMETHING now. Argh.

Has the LHC destroyed the Earth.com? I lol'd. (Then I said, "it needs an RSS feed so I'll know if it updates!" and bobthetrout told me to check the page source code. >_>)
*** McCain Gives Speech In Front Of Green Screen. Predictably people have made use of it. In this one, the musical stylings of Obama loom behind him. >_>
*** Emo To Be Made Illegal In Russia. Old news, but I had to link it for posterity. (I showed the article to my roommate J and he was very offended and stated that the music/photographed kids in question are mostly from the nu-metal/hardcore scene, not emo at all, and why are people calling it emo and clearly they don't understand genres or the musical roots of emo and blah, blah, blah)
*** Scary Frog Herpes Cake or Sadistic Anthropomorphic Watermelon Disembowlment Cake? You be the judge!!
*** Undergear: from the people who brought you International Male. Frankly their headline pretty much sums it up. XD Actually when I was in college, my friend Ryan-chan (yes) had an International Male catalog, and he was all "it's gay lol" and I was like "what!!! Nonsense!! Look, there are chicks!!" and he was like "they're all beards!" and then he had to explain what that was since I didn't know (I was so innocent ;o; alas for my youth!).
*** House Being Sucked Into Wormhole. This is cool. I wish I could have seen it (and crawled through it... I love art you can climb about on or go into).
*** Emo Wall Is Sad. Also, in the same vein, Emo Bath Is Pensive. I don't hang at 4ch and I don't follow the macro scene (so to speak) at all, but I found these pretty amusing. XD

Later. "I think I'll let them shoot me so that I can die..."</lj>
I rule.

There is no such thing as human debris

Happy Birthday to me! God, I'm so old. T_T I can't even say, "I'm in my mid-20s," anymore. *cry* The really sad thing (aside from my doings in life) is that at my age, I'm still a fangirl. Does one never grow out of this immature hobby?? D'oh. Oh well. Life should be for having fun as well as being useful.

I like this song, it sort of speaks to me. She said, "Thanks, but I'm broken, I guess you must have misspoken; what a laugh, I've never been chosen by anyone..." It starts off with a couple of stories of people who are down on themselves, to the point of tragedy, and it's implied that this is because of how they've been treated or because of what other people have told them. In other words, those suffering from chronic low self-esteem, thinking they're "broken." In the end it has a positive message, which is to tell anyone who tells you there's something irredeemably wrong with you to fuck off. You can't claim to be perfect, but you're not worthless. Songs like these are why I like Bad Religion; they sing about social issues and their ideals, and manage to make it sound cool and catchy. XD As an idealist myself, I like their sparkly unicorn music. I'll have to post my punk music blog sometime soonish.

This just in: apparently the people who used to run America's (the bar with the wing special) left it and started a new bar called Challenger's in the Iliff & Peoria area, and they took all their tasty wing recipes and $.19 wing specials with them. I submit that this bar should be examined for quality during happy hour at some time in the near future.

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Ugh, I just realized that the hoodie I wore to work today is the one I had on at the concert and it still reeks of smoke and indie kids. T_T Argh doing laundry when I get home. Also maybe cleaning the house, which is yucky. Maybe I should try living with other girls sometime. >_>

So liek I was watching TV a few weeks ago with roommate M, who is addicted to shitty reality TV (he watches everything from game shows to the Mole to Rock Of Love 2). He defends his taste in trashy trailer park TV by claiming he finds the horror funny, and "I'm not really watching it anyhow, I'm just sitting here playing Ultima Online and/or shopping pics of hot potential models on my laptop," (then why are you bitching if I change the channel to watch the Daily Show??) or else he points out that he also likes Boston Legal or whatever, which is not a crappy show and has gay William Shatner in, and therefore he has good taste. Certainly liking a few good shows cancels out watching gobs of crappy ones! Wait, no it doesn't.

I was cringing at some show where people are hooked up to a lie detector test and, for increasingly large amounts of cash, are asked increasingly personal questions like "did you ever cheat on your wife with any of her friends?" Answer (paraphrased): "why yes I did! Don't cry honey, telling the truth means we can win money! D: oh come on" (<-- why I do not trust men >:O does one exist who wouldn't cheat, given the opportunity? Srsly, is sex on the wang end of the equation THAT awesome? If that's the case, we ladies are really getting cheated by nature here D: wtf)

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Other news: I beat Golden Sun (GBA game) and have moved on to the sequel. When did GS2 come out, anyhow? If I had finished Golden Sun with only half the story done and gotten that "To be continued" cliffhanger shit, and not had the 2nd game immediately available, I think I would have been pretty ticked off. I like sequels and all, but wtf is that! Full gameblog re: Golden Sun next time. Speaking of which, I now have a Backloggery account. Feel free to friend me! :D

Yeah so that's it for now I guess. I never have to wonder, "Was my blog long enough?" Because, you see, I know that it definitely was.

Later. "I know I'm not broken, a little cracked, but that amounts to nothing..."
maybe a glass of milk would help

Lonely is all we are

The world's most ridiculously lengthy blog entries? Yes We Can!

Brief RL Updates:

My desktop computer Gavin stopped booting in January, so I haven't been able to get ahold of most of my music, comics, drawings, writing, etc. I've been meaning to fix it since then, but I just never got round to it. One thing I needed to do was do a quick swaparound to make sure the problem wasn't just bad RAM, although it seemed like it was probably a bad disk sector. Even though this is a relatively speedy and simple process and I fully meant to do it ASAP, I just never did. This is a common situation for me; I have a billion things I need or want to do, but I just never do them, no matter how important or crucial or interesting they may be.

Last night I just thought, dammit, I need to check that! So at 2AM I pulled my computer apart and verified that it's probably not the RAM. I feel happy about that! The computer is still broken, but that's nothing new; on the other hand, I actually did a thing I needed and wanted to do, and I felt quite proud of myself. I realize it's not a big deal or any sort of massive undertaking and you're all probably thinking, "so what?", but I was all excited that I suddenly had motivation to do something I'd been putting off. It was a tiny thing, but baby steps, eh? It gives me hope that I'll stop fucking up my life so badly. Ganbatte Ka-chan!

That's all, on to other stuff now.

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Alex Rider: Skanky Teenage Spy

I like the 4th of July when bombs start flashing

Okay I know I already fell off the blogging wagon (again) but I'm, er, trying again!! Yeah! I've actually been writing all sorts of entries over the last few weeks at work. I just never finish or post any of them. >_> One I meant to post was my feelings regarding my old hometown of Cedar Rapids, IA being 30ft underwater, as well as my alma mater, the University of Iowa... obviously the time to write about that has passed, but suffice to say it was a bit surreal, and I was consumed by thoughts of the people and places I knew.

So Thursday morning I was biking to the bus stop in my usual hurry when I caught my bike tire in the light rail track and turfed hard on the sidewalk. I was surprised my hands weren't bleeding. I didn't scrape anything really; instead I guess I stopped myself with my hands and forearms, so other than bruises on my palms and knees I didn't hit anything... but stopping the entire weight of my body jammed up my arm and finger joints and basically pulled every muscle in my chest and shoulders so I FELT bruised all over my front side, which kinda sucked. Plus my head and neck hurt a lot for some reason. Maybe whiplash? Anyhow I was really shaken up and my head was killing me, which is probably why I gave my number to some guy on the bus. I met this guy on the bus the week before last on my way home and talked to him for a while since, well, I'm a talker. Plus I like talking to people on the bus; it makes the (35-45 minute) ride go faster and helps me feel 90% less like throwing up (motion sickness ftw). So he was on there again that morning and I would have felt rude saying no, so I gave him my number.

I have this uncomfortable feeling that he will actually call and then wtf am I supposed to do? I have no idea. (This situation has never come up in my life before; on those rare occasions some guy is cracked enough to ask for my number I usually manage to avoid giving it to him. >_>) He was all, "let's go to a movie! Or go get a drink!" and I was like "I'm more of the sort of person who hangs out in coffee shops and goes to museums and shit" and he was like "I've never been to a museum ever! :D" and so yeah. >_> Does asking for the phone numbers of random girls really work? I mean srsly, is that ever gonna get you a real relationship? (Or laid? Maybe it gets you laid.) I suppose I've always thought people probably end up dating someone they know somewhat, not random people met at a bar or something. You'd think my talk of IRC, museums, libraries, and haxx0ring the PSP would have tipped him off that I'm a giant nerd and therefore boring to people who are not my fellow nerds, but no luck there, I guess. (He asked what I'd done over the weekend and I was like, "Went grocery shopping and did laundry." MY LIFE, SO EXCITING.) Maybe he just thinks I'm easy or very lonely. Hohoho! Well it's probably not entirely incorrect. Ahaha. >_>

Anyway that was all very weird and stressful so I spoiled myself and began my weekend of gluttony early with a green tea frappucino from Starbucks for 2nd breakfast. If you are not familiar with these, they are a delightful double-take-inducing bright green color and sugary as hell (well, it is Starbucks). "But Ka!" you say. "Green tea with sugar in tastes like ass!" This is true, so Starbucks has cleverly dealt with the problem by making the drink taste like melon instead. If you're a fan of Midori (the liquor) then this is your beverage. They also state it has the same amount of caffiene as your average cup of (Starbucks) coffee. Bless you, Starbucks. Y'all can diss me for patronizing an evil corporate giant or whatever, but those bitches have green tea frappucinos and vanilla bean scones, and until my locally owned shop gets those in, I'll continue my consumer sheep ways.

Speaking of which, Filter is playing at the Bluebird tonight... I really want to go, but I cannot afford to do so, since It's an expensive show (for the Bluebird, at $25). It's that or groceries, and as we all know, I do like that eating business (although honestly my main grocery objects for the last few weeks have been peaches, Otter Pops, and íHola Fruta!, the yuppiest sherbet in the world. What can I say, summer reduces my appetite to fruit, grilled meat, and frozen sugar). Of course anyone who would like to buy me a ticket and/or a t-shirt is welcome to do so. (It's my birthday in two weeks!!) I haven't paid any attention to what they've been up to in the last few years, but "Title of Record" is still a favorite album of mine. According to the Onion they apparently have a new album out; the writer seems to feel it is okay but nothing exciting. I guess I'll hunt it down later and see what I think. The opening band is... er... Opiate For the Masses (I'm not really familiar with them, but J claims they suck; however, he also doesn't like Filter so his opinion is obviously of limited use).

Okay, enough of this verbal diarrhea entry; tomorrow I shall post again! (Post already written!) Featuring actual content (so to speak) in the form of my opinion on the NDS game "Hotel Dusk." Look forward to it!

"All my scientists are working on a deadline, so my psychologist is working day and nighttime..."
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