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Look into my eyes

Wow, it's been about a year since I last posted. And without any kind of exaggeration I can assure you it's been the worst year of my life. Maybe someday when it's over I'll write about it. In the meantime, perhaps you can spot some of it in the fic I write, because one of my more annoying traits as a writer is to always be thinking, when something horrible happens to me, "Hey, at least now I can write about this!" (I'm going to write fic again. I really am. Dammit. When I get a new computer, beause someone snapped my laptop in two, double-dammit.)

What's happened? In a nutshell there's been domestic violence, loads of trips to the ER (not for me), and me finding out way more than I ever wanted to know about various agencies and whatnot which help those who are homeless, those with disabilities, etc. Also over the last year: I've been homeless (not all year, just off and on), thoughtlessly hurt a good friend, lost half my belongings, lost my good job due to bureaucratic retardedness, been a burden on my mom, slept in an abandoned warehouse (not as bad as you might think), slept under a bridge (ditto, but much worse), experienced a bunch of horrible shit that I previously had only read about (details would be too shameful and embarassing), found out what bipolar/anxiety/autism/etc REALLY can mean, been robbed, washed dishes for a living, subsisted on food stamps, hung out with heroin addicts, juggalos and street kids (mostly nice; hey, they let me sleep in their warehouse), had an abcessed tooth (IT HURT), befriended a stripper dancer, memorized a fair number of bus routes, and failed once again to apply at Gamestop in time for a holiday job (cutoff: Oct 31). And there's more!!!1


On the plus side I knitted a pretty nice wool scarf.

For the last three weeks I've stayed at a women's shelter (and some of their stories of DV and such are really fairly nightmarish and make me feel even more whiny and useless) and I'm trying to put my life back together, which is slow going. Since my computer is dead and my Nintendo DS got stolen (HATE FOR THE WORLD), I've been reading a lot. I am tired of writing navel-gazing entries which must be boredom squared for any of you still nice enough to be reading my lj, so enjoy these book reviews instead. This was my October reading list. (In truth some of these may be from September but most are from the last 2 weeks, when I got my library card back.)



* The Secret of Zoom by Lynne Jonell
A charming little novel about a girl living with her scientist dad. She believes her mom was blown up in a lab accident when she was little. Her dad, fearing for her safety, never lets her leave the property and so she watches the kids at the school as well as the kids at the nearby orphanage and pines for friends and excitement. Of course she gets both when she discovers the secret passage in her house. The book's full of stuff kids (and anyone still a kid inside) would love, like a mysterious chemical called "zoom" that respond to musical notes and kid-sized airplanes controlled by thought. Not super-memorable, but it was a fun read.

* Fairest by Gail Carson Levine
By the lady responsible for Ella Enchanted and apparently some books about Tinkerbell (could not get over my irritation enough to try reading them). As usual for her books it's in first-person format and features a heroine who meets some ridiculously nice, sweet prince who loves her for her, sob sob, but he's just kind of eye-candy since the stories are always about how the heroine saves herself with bravery and niceness and being a slightly bigger stronger lass than average. I think of Ms Levine's books I do like this one best so far. A retelling of Snow White... kind of. Our heroine has the best voice in a kingdom where song is the thing and lovely singing is the number one virtue. Tragically, she's also kind of freakish-looking. The story is all about what she's willing to do to become generically beautiful as well as what the young new queen, who can't sing, is willing to do to stay the most beautiful in the land (in all respects). Magic mirrors and jealousy and dwarves are kind of involved.

Okay actually my time at the library's about done so: more tomorrow!!1 Yayyyy

Later. "It's the only way you'll know I'm telling the truth."
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