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One more day to suffer the scene

I wanted to do that meme a few weeks ago where you take a photo of yourself, so I borrowed my roommate M's digicam. I was also gonna take pics of M and J and my house and so on to sort of show how I've been living, but everything lately's gotten all crazy and my life's about to change again, so I just got distracted. Also I was gonna try to take the photo on my way out the door someplace so I'd look less crappy than usual (I know that wasn't the idea, but whatevs, I was gonna LIE TO UOU ALL MWAHA!!). However, I wound up taking the "as you are right now" photo anyhow because several days ago, my roommate J rushed into my room all ZOMG THERE IS A RAINBOW IN MY ROOM, GET THE CAMERA, WE NEED TO TAKE PICS OF OURSELVES IN IT, HURRY UP WHILE IT IS STILL HERE so I did!

Thus in the spirit of the meme, enjoy these pics of me with no shower that day, hair is a mess, in my half-pajama around-the-house clothes! :D I also included a pic of J looking weird. (I still plan to take "real" pics of myself and J and M and couch guy a bunch of other people and things around here, but I didn't want to put off posting any longer, since it's already been like 3 weeks again d'oh).

BONUS: a random photo of Rainbow J. (We are standing in the same spot. Yes, he is a foot taller than me.)

Okay, that's it for pics right now, moar later when I go crazy with M's digicam. :D It occurs to me that aside from a few random pics jokersama has taken of me at concerts and such over the last few years, I don't really have any pics of myself more recent than my high school senior pic. Ahaha. I'm a bit camerashy and not photogenic so the last 10 years of my life have gone largely undocumented. It's kinda sad. I hope to get my own digicam in the future and rectify the situation.

Links of the Day:
*** 40 Reasons Why You Too Can Hate Rob Liefeld.
*** Have you seen this cat?
*** Lego Indiana Jones Logistical Concerns. lol
*** The Eyeballing Game. I got a 3.3 but in my defense I got really tired of playing in the last round and got a few 7s and 8s. XD
*** Suffer For Free this Halloween! Link posted just in time! Whew.
*** Why you should just drink beer instead of investing.
*** SNL Mocks the VP Debate. A few weeks old, but linked for posterity and for those of you who, like me, haven't watched SNL for the last 10 years and may not be aware that this hilarity exists.
*** Obama Food Stamps. Not only super-racist but also mocking people (of all colors) for being so poor they can't afford food! It's funny because we're better than them. Now that's classy.
*** eHarmony Calls Cosplayers Undatable. I'm of two minds about this; essentially, though, if it's GOOD cosplay and you look hot, why not? I think it's more that "bad pictures make you undatable."
*** 20 Free Songs For Rock Band. Lots of the obscure and indie in there, unsurprisingly. I was most impressed to see Hollywood Undead (take THAT, people who kept erasing their wiki page when I was trying to find info because "it doesn't count as a real band") and Tickle Me Pink (colorado band). And X Japan. Because it's X Japan. (Sadly, the song is some terrible metal nonsense and not "Forever Luv" but hey.)
*** Smashing Pumpkins wank out live in Hollywood. "Corgan punctuated his point with the set closer -- an extended cover of Pink Floyd's 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun,' which devolved into the Pumpkins' bald leader pounding on timpani, guitarist Jeff Schroeder on theramin and the rest of the band joining in with a chorus of chirping stuffed bird toys." lol Billy Corgan
*** Furries Ruin Everything. In this episode of FRE, a perfectly good song ("Wildcat") by indie electro band Ratatat is ruined by mediocre lion fursuits (the tiger is better) and 80s-style music video editing (especially near the end).
*** Hot Chicks With Douchebags.com, a site where jealous nerds mock photos of bronzed, muscular guys behaving like asses and hanging out with bitchy-looking women sporting cleavage. I especially like this entry: someone writes in to point out the hypocrisy, saying, "all the women you think are hot are basically the female version of the guys you hate, and don't these shallow but good-looking people deserve one another?" The response is essentially, "Well I just wish society would change so that I could go on being shallow but hot women would want me for my winning personality" which is, I suppose, only human. If douchey.

Later. "I sold out everything but you, you see..."
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