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There is no such thing as human debris

Happy Birthday to me! God, I'm so old. T_T I can't even say, "I'm in my mid-20s," anymore. *cry* The really sad thing (aside from my doings in life) is that at my age, I'm still a fangirl. Does one never grow out of this immature hobby?? D'oh. Oh well. Life should be for having fun as well as being useful.

I like this song, it sort of speaks to me. She said, "Thanks, but I'm broken, I guess you must have misspoken; what a laugh, I've never been chosen by anyone..." It starts off with a couple of stories of people who are down on themselves, to the point of tragedy, and it's implied that this is because of how they've been treated or because of what other people have told them. In other words, those suffering from chronic low self-esteem, thinking they're "broken." In the end it has a positive message, which is to tell anyone who tells you there's something irredeemably wrong with you to fuck off. You can't claim to be perfect, but you're not worthless. Songs like these are why I like Bad Religion; they sing about social issues and their ideals, and manage to make it sound cool and catchy. XD As an idealist myself, I like their sparkly unicorn music. I'll have to post my punk music blog sometime soonish.

This just in: apparently the people who used to run America's (the bar with the wing special) left it and started a new bar called Challenger's in the Iliff & Peoria area, and they took all their tasty wing recipes and $.19 wing specials with them. I submit that this bar should be examined for quality during happy hour at some time in the near future.

RL Update:

I feel like I'm doing these more! I guess my real life's slightly more interesting these days, at least from my perspective regarding things I'd like to write about. Or I want to meet more locals?? Look for my myspace page, coming soon!!!!1 (No really.) Anyhow. Monday night J and I went to see Health at Rhinoceropolis. We took along liquor, J's friend M, and M's friend Dave who I will post my sketches of later. The latter was a charmingly chipper quasi-manwhore (he had a long-term girlfriend and seemed like the type who just really likes flirting and talking to girls but has no actual intent to cheat) with a large amount of pot in his pocket and a bright blue mohawk. He also looked about 20 and was actually like... 33 or something (or so his ID claimed, but I still find it slightly hard to believe).

I've only been to this place a few times, but it was never incredibly crowded, maybe 50-80 people at most; however, Health's indie star has been rising, and they attracted a much larger crowd. I didn't get any sort of headcount, but it was much, much higher than usual. The venue used to be an old warehouse; now it's divided into a front room is where events happen, a large room in the middle which is a living space of sorts for the owners (there's a kitchenette set up, a few couches and chairs, and a bunch of lofted areas for sleeping and such), and lastly there is a short, narrow hallway which leads to the rear loading dock area (patio furniture, BBQ, pit of cigarette butts, massive amount of graffiti art). While strongly intoxicated and sitting on the rear loading dock I made a number of observations regarding my fellow indie kids (an especially motley and hilarious collection thereof). I'll have to draw some sketches sometime.

I went and danced a bit and the unventilated (except for the front door, which is conveniently located down a flight of stairs >_>) front room was like an unlit steam room: dark, really hot, really humid, kinda smelly because everyone was covered in sweat (either their own or other people's). Half the guys had their shirts off (this was okay since indie guys tend to be skinny hipsters or lean skater boys) and were covered in sweat (not so okay since it rubbed off on people wearing shirts, such as myself, and being a human sweat towel is pretty gross). The crowd was dancing in a sort of collective sway and hop, which was fun to participate in, although I took about 3-4 songs (twice) before calling it quits and going to get air before I suffocated or died of heatstroke. Despite coming home reeking of other people, having to get up in 2 hours and still being a bit drunk, and getting ticked at J due to him being an ass, it was a lot of fun and I hope I get to go to another show like it.

As a side note I lost my phone at the show, and so did J, resulting in a suddenly phoneless household, which was sort of funny. Well, it would have been funny if we hadn't both been really annoyed by it. Luckily for me, some nice girls found my phone and left it with a note on our porch the next day (I guess they called my mom and she told them my address), whereas J was not so lucky; he'd lost his phone in his friend's parking lot and although he did find it, it was 98 degrees out that day and by the time he went to find it in the afternoon, it had fried on the asphalt. (I'd feel more sorry for him but I'm still mad at him.)

Okay, that's enough of that.

Ugh, I just realized that the hoodie I wore to work today is the one I had on at the concert and it still reeks of smoke and indie kids. T_T Argh doing laundry when I get home. Also maybe cleaning the house, which is yucky. Maybe I should try living with other girls sometime. >_>

So liek I was watching TV a few weeks ago with roommate M, who is addicted to shitty reality TV (he watches everything from game shows to the Mole to Rock Of Love 2). He defends his taste in trashy trailer park TV by claiming he finds the horror funny, and "I'm not really watching it anyhow, I'm just sitting here playing Ultima Online and/or shopping pics of hot potential models on my laptop," (then why are you bitching if I change the channel to watch the Daily Show??) or else he points out that he also likes Boston Legal or whatever, which is not a crappy show and has gay William Shatner in, and therefore he has good taste. Certainly liking a few good shows cancels out watching gobs of crappy ones! Wait, no it doesn't.

I was cringing at some show where people are hooked up to a lie detector test and, for increasingly large amounts of cash, are asked increasingly personal questions like "did you ever cheat on your wife with any of her friends?" Answer (paraphrased): "why yes I did! Don't cry honey, telling the truth means we can win money! D: oh come on" (<-- why I do not trust men >:O does one exist who wouldn't cheat, given the opportunity? Srsly, is sex on the wang end of the equation THAT awesome? If that's the case, we ladies are really getting cheated by nature here D: wtf)

Uh anyhow so we're watching some show so awful I eventually had to leave the room because I was too ashamed for the people in it to go on watching it. (I am too empathetic, so I hate seeing even random people humiliated or embarassed because it is usually very unpleasant for me as well... I want people to be happy because I selfishly feed off the happiness of those around me. I'm a sort of emotional energy vampire.) So a commercial comes on! The commercial is for State Farm car insurance; you guys have probably seen this set of commercials too. This one featured a black dude wearing a suit jacket and bike shorts, holding a briefcase and locking his bike up to a railing. A female co-worker walks by (in appropriate office attire) and is all "Nice shorts, Bill!" Then the voiceover cuts in saying that he wouldn't have this problem if he had a car insured with State Farm! Or something to that effect.

I was really taken aback by this (and also another similar commercial from them I saw later, but I can't recall the details of that one). Okay, I understand you want to advertise your car insurance, but do you have to diss bikes or bicyclists? What do they have to do with anything? Does State Farm really think some bicyclist is gonna be all "zomg I didn't realize that I'd be cooler if I bought a car and then insured it with State Farm!" ?

As a bike rider, I felt slightly offended. I don't have a car. I'd like to have one sometimes, like when I miss my bus to work, or it's raining, or I want to go across town or shop for large items, but the majority of the time I am happy to not have one. If truly necessary one can usually be rented for a day or two (a bit pricey sometimes, but you're paying for the privilege of not having to keep the damn thing). I can't really afford one anyhow, which is the main reason I haven't got one, but my carlessness doesn't usually bother me too much because I stop and think, "Oh right, car payments alone were nonsense, insurance on top of that was killing me, gas is something like $4 a gallon now, and it costs me way less per month to just rent a place downtown and take the bus." Well and there's the cost of my pride asking my en-car'd friends for rides but hey, I didn't have much pride anyhow (this is lies as I have an enormous ego but never mind that for now). Given the chance to get another one... eh, I dunno. I think I'd rather just get a motor scooter. So cute!!

Anyhow, getting back to Bill: the commercial just didn't really make sense to me. Lots of people bring a change of clothing to work (even those who drive!), so it's not like Bill would be tragically stuck in his bike shorts and suitcoat all day. Furthermore, he didn't look too bad in the shorts, and we all know that looking non-horrible in a pair of bike shorts is actually quite an accomplishment! Bill should, in fact, be proud of his bike shorts. But seriously, aside from my mild irritation, it really was kind of puzzling. What exactly is so horrible about having to bike to work? Oh no!! I might get healthier, lose weight, and pollute less! How terrible! Better run out and get car insurance!! <-- Does Not Compute

They could at least have shown Bill coming in late covered in sweat or drenched by rain/snow, which would be the major bad points of biking anywhere, but the commercial features a dry, sunny day. Even people who own cars will sometimes bike to work on a nice day like that! The commercial was just a really strange way to encourage people to drive cars (and an even stranger way to sell car insurance). In my opinion, they should have showed the inconvenience of not having a car by showing a guy missing his bus and having to wait half an hour in the snow for another one. Now THAT is when you want a car to get to work.

Other news: I beat Golden Sun (GBA game) and have moved on to the sequel. When did GS2 come out, anyhow? If I had finished Golden Sun with only half the story done and gotten that "To be continued" cliffhanger shit, and not had the 2nd game immediately available, I think I would have been pretty ticked off. I like sequels and all, but wtf is that! Full gameblog re: Golden Sun next time. Speaking of which, I now have a Backloggery account. Feel free to friend me! :D

Yeah so that's it for now I guess. I never have to wonder, "Was my blog long enough?" Because, you see, I know that it definitely was.

Later. "I know I'm not broken, a little cracked, but that amounts to nothing..."
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