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I like the 4th of July when bombs start flashing

Okay I know I already fell off the blogging wagon (again) but I'm, er, trying again!! Yeah! I've actually been writing all sorts of entries over the last few weeks at work. I just never finish or post any of them. >_> One I meant to post was my feelings regarding my old hometown of Cedar Rapids, IA being 30ft underwater, as well as my alma mater, the University of Iowa... obviously the time to write about that has passed, but suffice to say it was a bit surreal, and I was consumed by thoughts of the people and places I knew.

So Thursday morning I was biking to the bus stop in my usual hurry when I caught my bike tire in the light rail track and turfed hard on the sidewalk. I was surprised my hands weren't bleeding. I didn't scrape anything really; instead I guess I stopped myself with my hands and forearms, so other than bruises on my palms and knees I didn't hit anything... but stopping the entire weight of my body jammed up my arm and finger joints and basically pulled every muscle in my chest and shoulders so I FELT bruised all over my front side, which kinda sucked. Plus my head and neck hurt a lot for some reason. Maybe whiplash? Anyhow I was really shaken up and my head was killing me, which is probably why I gave my number to some guy on the bus. I met this guy on the bus the week before last on my way home and talked to him for a while since, well, I'm a talker. Plus I like talking to people on the bus; it makes the (35-45 minute) ride go faster and helps me feel 90% less like throwing up (motion sickness ftw). So he was on there again that morning and I would have felt rude saying no, so I gave him my number.

I have this uncomfortable feeling that he will actually call and then wtf am I supposed to do? I have no idea. (This situation has never come up in my life before; on those rare occasions some guy is cracked enough to ask for my number I usually manage to avoid giving it to him. >_>) He was all, "let's go to a movie! Or go get a drink!" and I was like "I'm more of the sort of person who hangs out in coffee shops and goes to museums and shit" and he was like "I've never been to a museum ever! :D" and so yeah. >_> Does asking for the phone numbers of random girls really work? I mean srsly, is that ever gonna get you a real relationship? (Or laid? Maybe it gets you laid.) I suppose I've always thought people probably end up dating someone they know somewhat, not random people met at a bar or something. You'd think my talk of IRC, museums, libraries, and haxx0ring the PSP would have tipped him off that I'm a giant nerd and therefore boring to people who are not my fellow nerds, but no luck there, I guess. (He asked what I'd done over the weekend and I was like, "Went grocery shopping and did laundry." MY LIFE, SO EXCITING.) Maybe he just thinks I'm easy or very lonely. Hohoho! Well it's probably not entirely incorrect. Ahaha. >_>

Anyway that was all very weird and stressful so I spoiled myself and began my weekend of gluttony early with a green tea frappucino from Starbucks for 2nd breakfast. If you are not familiar with these, they are a delightful double-take-inducing bright green color and sugary as hell (well, it is Starbucks). "But Ka!" you say. "Green tea with sugar in tastes like ass!" This is true, so Starbucks has cleverly dealt with the problem by making the drink taste like melon instead. If you're a fan of Midori (the liquor) then this is your beverage. They also state it has the same amount of caffiene as your average cup of (Starbucks) coffee. Bless you, Starbucks. Y'all can diss me for patronizing an evil corporate giant or whatever, but those bitches have green tea frappucinos and vanilla bean scones, and until my locally owned shop gets those in, I'll continue my consumer sheep ways.

Speaking of which, Filter is playing at the Bluebird tonight... I really want to go, but I cannot afford to do so, since It's an expensive show (for the Bluebird, at $25). It's that or groceries, and as we all know, I do like that eating business (although honestly my main grocery objects for the last few weeks have been peaches, Otter Pops, and íHola Fruta!, the yuppiest sherbet in the world. What can I say, summer reduces my appetite to fruit, grilled meat, and frozen sugar). Of course anyone who would like to buy me a ticket and/or a t-shirt is welcome to do so. (It's my birthday in two weeks!!) I haven't paid any attention to what they've been up to in the last few years, but "Title of Record" is still a favorite album of mine. According to the Onion they apparently have a new album out; the writer seems to feel it is okay but nothing exciting. I guess I'll hunt it down later and see what I think. The opening band is... er... Opiate For the Masses (I'm not really familiar with them, but J claims they suck; however, he also doesn't like Filter so his opinion is obviously of limited use).

Okay, enough of this verbal diarrhea entry; tomorrow I shall post again! (Post already written!) Featuring actual content (so to speak) in the form of my opinion on the NDS game "Hotel Dusk." Look forward to it!

"All my scientists are working on a deadline, so my psychologist is working day and nighttime..."
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