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you are neurotic and depressed, it doesn't mean that you're sad

Where've I been? Well I was sort of morose and slept a lot all last summer. And fall. And this spring. So yeah. Well actually I was awake a lot more often this spring but between trying to have some kind of actual social life and an unfortunate medical decision I made which I now believe made me want to go back to sleeping all the time (amongst other things), I just... couldn't get up the gumption. Sorry. I was gumptless. :(

So liek uhhhh. I won't make any promises as to the longevity of my blogging stay this time, but I can tentatively say I may post sometimes! Mainly because I have a temporary summer job and I have an hour for lunch and, you know, who the hell needs an hour for lunch? So unless I bring my DS with me I kinda have 30-45 minutes to kill. Not that a longwinded tard like myself can really write a whole entry within that time but I can build it up over the week! >_> (That's how I did this one. Hurrah for me! And hurrah for USB flash drives!)

Ironically, my New Year's resolution was to blog more. Hurrr. (Well, it may not be ironic so much as sad.) My excuse is that I was determined to do an art post first, and it just kept getting put off, and then around late January my desktop comp died, forcing me to use my laptop. All the art is on the other machine and I don't like making it on this one so I just haven't. I keep meaning to fix the other one. >_> I guess next time (assuming there is one!!1) I might do the best-friends yaoi post I was gonna do before. Or something else. Meh.

I pretty much haven't read LJ this entire time so if something of moment happened in fandom or in your lives, lemme know. I know at least two people got married (congrats!) and uhhh well I guess that's it for things I'm aware of.

Sooo I guess I should say how my life is, in case you are one of those people who reads my blog out of social obligation because we know one another and you need to pretend you've been keeping up with my doings. Or if you're a stalker I guess.

What's up with me... lessee... this year's been extremely weird, starting around mid-January or thereabouts? The year of the Rat began in early February; perhaps that is the reason for some of the violent changes in my life. (Most of which I can't actually talk about, ha. Not that anyone involved would see this, but it's more that I don't want anyone to know what an idiot I am. >_> Sadly for y'all that's also most of the interesting stuff that's happened to me.)

Currently taking a selection of delightful medications for a wide variety of stupid reasons, which almost uniformly raise my blood pressure (the meds, but I suppose the reasons raise it as well). I hope to be rid of some of them soonish. Also, I found out how unpleasant messing with one's hormones can potentially be (very). Also also, I discovered the HEALING POW4R of supplements, or at least omega-3 (aka feesh oil), as it lowered my cholesterol 20+ pts over ~6 mo. While I am slightly more interested than before in hippie supplement nonsense because of this, I'm still not certain that vitamin C cures cancer.

I still live in the same house downtown as before. Current roommates: still M, the model scout (this just in: 99% of models are blonde >_>) and J. M & J both smoke. My landlady also smokes. All of their friends smoke. Basically I feel ilke some kind of freak; if I didn't know my nerdy crew here I might feel ilke the only person in the city who doesn't smoke. J is new since I last posted; he moved in on New Year's and is an obnoxious indie hipster kid my own age who I spend half my time at home fighting with. You have to understand that I really dislike fighting and almost never do it. However, I don't think I've ever fought this much with anyone who wasn't my mom in my entire life (not an exaggeration). We seriously spend time slamming our doors and shunning each other for hours or days at a time (well, 1-2 days at most really, but that's still stupid). It's like being 14 all over again. >_> I feel like I'm finally learning what it's like to have a really bratty brother.

When not fighting we sometimes go to concerts and stuff. It's nice to finally live with someone who has heard of bands I listen to and as a bonus, he's such an elitist hipster that I feel positively mainstream in comparison. (I do have "SexyBack" on my computer.) Another charming quality of J is that he is perpetually grouchy, probably related to the fact that he is perpetually sick (I thought he was a hypochondriac, but if that's the case he does a good job having a fever, throwing up, coughing up phlegm, etc). Despite sharing milk with him I do not get sick, so I assume the problem is his compromised immune system (I'm pretty sure it's been compromised by just about everything it can be, short of AIDS). On the whole J is okay, even if I sometimes want to beat him to death for being possibly the most self-centered person on the face of the earth. Also, he has a car.

Speaking of concerts, I've been trying to go to more of them lately. J loves going to concerts and I was inspired by that and realized that I missed going. jokersama is a horrible person who moved away so that I would have to go to concerts by myself, which I dislike, but I decided to start going again anyway. Even though I have to go alone most of the time, I'm glad I started going again, if for no other reason than to get out of the house.

I'd love to meet new friends and such but I'm too shy to speak with other people at shows and not hot enough to be randomly spoken to. (Speaking of which, I am comparitively hotter than before, in that I am someplace within the "you're not really all that fat, just chubby" range of the BMI chart and I can fit into my clothes from 12th grade again. So that's good, I guess.) Shows I've been to in the last few months: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Midnight Juggernauts, Murder By Death, & Hello Kavita (local). (There were various mostly local, mostly forgettable opening bands; those I recall are Astra Moveo, Red Orange Yellow, and dios Malos; the latter are not local but are still eh.) I've also been to see some very tiny indie bands and local bands, thanks to J, who is all about the local "scene" and loves shows where there are less than 50 people in the entire building. These can be pretty fun.

AFAIK nothing particularly appealing coming up (the shows I just went to were the good ones), but here are some upcoming events of mild interest in case anyone wants to go; concerts I have no interest in going to at all are not listed. (Links mostly to last.fm so you can listen to some music by the bands in question; venue links are to the show info.)

!!: I am almost surely going, even if it is alone, barring misfortune or poverty.
?: I might go if I'm bored that night or someone else wants to.
#: I'd probably only bother going with someone else.

(#) 05/28 Casiotone For the Painfully Alone @ the Hi-Dive (hell, I'd buy a t-shirt just for the lulz) -- $8 (yes, tonight, and sadly I am broke till tomorrow so this is basically just FYI, unless you enjoy buying me things.)
(?) 05/29 The Kooks & Morning Benders @ the Ogden -- $21/23 (The Kooks are the latest hipster-trendy Arctic-Monkeys-like britpop band named after a Bowie song. I personally found their album acceptable but uninteresting. Maybe I'm missing something.)
OR Tiger Army @ the Gothic
OR Joan of Arc @ the Hi-Dive -- $8/10
(?) 05/31 White Rabbits @ the Bluebird -- $11/13 (I'll probably go since it's so cheap)
(?) 06/03 Ladytron @ the Gothic -- $20/23
OR Honda Civic Tour (Phantom Planet, Motion City Soundtrack, Panic at the Disco, The Hush Sound) @ the Fillmore (I'd love to see MCS & PatD but it's $35 & at the Fillmore, buu)
(#) 06/06 Russian Circles @ the Marquis -- $10/12
(!!) 06/07 Tub Ring Tour (Mindless Self Indulgence, Birthday Massacre, etc) @ the Ogden -- $20/25
(#) 06/10 Type O Negative, Hatebreed @ the Ogden -- $24/26
(#) 06/12 Dethklok @ the Gothic (of course??? lololol) -- $25
(?) 06/14 Black Angels @ the Bluebird -- $12
OR The RZA @ the Oriental -- $20 (lololol)
(?) 06/20 Less Than Jake @ the Gothic -- $18/20
(#) 06/21 Broken Spindles @ the Larimer Lounge -- $8/10
(#) 06/29 WARPED TOUR lolollol @ Mile Hi -- $32.50 (surprisingly cheap really when you think about it)
(#) 07/08 The Constantines & Kensington Heights @ the Hi-Dive -- $10/12
(?) 07/16 Low @ the Bluebird -- $15/17
(!!) 07/29 The Faint @ the Ogden -- $21/23
(!!) 09/13+14 Monolith Fest (if I can get good tickets in time; expensive but zomg look at the lineup! If anyone wants to come to Denver for it you can stay with me.)
(#) 09/26 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds @ the Ogden -- $40 (wtf!!)

Yah so I could go on but I've just realized this is v. long and one of the reasons I never post is because it takes me so long to write posts because they are so long. Self-sabotage!! Plus my lunch break is over. TTFN. Humourous links next time since they're at home on my laptop.

Later. "I know now every day I get closer to the place inside where I can be normal too."
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