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Is it an atom bomb?

The other day, I thought, "You know what I haven't talked about publically for a while? Gay pr0nz. I should get on that."

Thus, a post containing some yaoi manga that I thought didn't suck too much.


Last time I did a post like this, it featured the work of Naono Boura, a slightly twisted lady who enjoys drawing manly older men being violated. In the future I'd like to feature a few other mangaka I enjoy multiple works from, but today is just a sort of cornucopia of gay. Since Thanksgiving is coming and all. Since the deviant yoshitsune is planning to post a bunch of nonsense with mpreg and other brain-breakers, I decided to go the opposite route and post things I think are cute. Today's theme is "zomg opposites attract!!!" Most of the following are one-shots or short stories only a few chapters long.

* The Power of Pants by Ryo Mutobe
It's not really called that, it's actually called "PASOKON no PA ha PANTSU no PA" which is a semi-pun in Japanese and makes pretty much no sense in English, so I assume they just made something up. Personally I might have changed it to "The P in PC Stands For Penis" or something but that's me. Anyhow. This is a oneshot about a computer nerd (who is also something of an otaku). His tall jock classmate (who clearly knows nothing of computers) has asked him PLZ PLZ HELP MEEEEEE and our little nerd has agreed to go to the jock's house and help. This eventually leads to whatnot and nonsense, including the Regional Penis Circumference Survey, and things get rather questionable, but it all works out eventually, lawl. XD

* Sonna Kimochi ga Koi Datta by Takaku Shouko
(Title means "That Feeling Was Love.") So in this story, a jock guy has a crush on his friend, who is the academic type... wait, didn't we just read this story? The ZOMG WE ARE SO DIFFERENT theme is hueg in yaoi (and really, all genres of romance) so never mind that. Anyhow, this time the jock is the star of the judo club and his osananajimi [childhood friend] is now a writer who works in the school library and tries to avoid him. BUT WHYYYYY?! Truly it is a FUSHIGI MYSTERY

* Friendship Over by Arai Sachi
This time, our odd couple are a lonely and introverted professional model, and his new makeup artist, a big manly dude from Osaka who is immediately best friends with everyone around him. Of course the latter is totally good at seeing what lies below the surface, blah blah, I'm gay for you, blah etc. XD This is a one-shot story (as far as I know) and what I like about it is the complete casual attitude with which our extrovert approaches everything he does. Oh and the sex scene is pretty hot. XD

* Love Letter by CJ Michalski
In this oneshot, the opposing duo are an unfriendly prettyboy delinquent from the city, and a traditional shounen manga yankee guy from the countryside, complete with muscular physique, long jacket, cap with split brim, DREAMS AND IDEALS!!, a reed in his mouth, etc etc. Essentially it's kind of like seeing Jotaro (if Jotaro, uh, ever talked or smiled) and Ishida from Bleach get together. XD;;

* I'm Falling In Love With Your Magic by Kotobuki Tarako
This manga is full of raep and extreme body size differences and so on, as you might expect from the same mangaka who drew Sex Pistols. However, she makes horrible cliches funny somehow. XD This story is about a very bitchy bishounen (I'M NOT GAAAAY) who gets ass-molested while drunk and can't remember who did it... meanwhile, the school's resident tall hot guy (who is also a porn star by profession?!) randomly falls in love with him and hangs all over him trying to get into his pants. Other than the whole ZOMG WHO RAEPED ME? thing, the uke here is fairly clever along with being extremely bitchy and assertive, which makes him 100% more interesting than the vast majority of boring prettyboys you see in yaoi manga. The seme is a relatively nice and friendly type of person, but he's also rather dense and has trouble saying no to his beloved, which contributes to the comedy. XD

* Mangetsu Monogatari by Nakamura Shungiku
This is the story which made me like this mangaka's work. It actually isn't really all that gay (though there are questionable moments now and then). In the Heian (?) era, a stoic... weird... bitchy... smart guy puts up with a comedic supporting cast, which is headed up by a selfish, rude bishounen who does whatever he wants. No real faggortry but with characters this fun, who cares?

* The Love of a Shoujo Mangaka by Keiko Konno
I really like Keiko Konno's josei-mangaesque artwork and such, but your milage may vary. Also this title doesn't really fit the "opposites attract" theme, but oh wellz. That said, this is a oneshot about a rather dense male shoujo mangaka who is having difficulty expressing himself and writing a good story. His editor tries to help him by suggesting that he gay up his manga. XD
EDITOR: Hay since you don't know much about man-on-man action, maybe I should come over and let you experiment on me!
EDITOR: Uh but I'm totally not gay for you or anything
MANGAKA: Wow, he must really want to help me make good manga, what a nice guy ;D;


Okay, that's it for this edition of GAY PRAWNS. Tell me what you thought! And tune in next time when I post a bunch of manga featuring the theme of best friends going "oh, you're gay for me too? awesome!!!"

* 5 Foods CNN Says You May Eat Again. Why thank you, CNN.
* Bowie-sama Always Looks Good. Puu says it's the cocaine. XD

Later. "Is it a tombstone?"
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