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Bang bang, Maxwell’s silver hammer made sure that he was dead


So yeah. Um. Sorry about that whole dropping off the face of the digital earth thing for like 4 months but I was... er... I don't know, I think I must have been something or other! I promise to blog more often. (No really. I think even I can manage "more often than every 16 weeks.") I really want to get back in the habit of blogging; I've been sort of (okay, very) withdrawn lately. I miss you guys!! I have loads of things I want to talk about actually, I've just been... well, whatever was wrong with me. I've been that. For example: I have a vast quantity of crappy art to post, and I started using OpenCanvas, and I want to talk about the specific point at which I believe mundanes disconnect with nerds, and I have yaoi pr0n reviews, and Amrikan comic thoughts, and Jojo commentary (YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD ESCAPE BUT IT IS NOT OVER), and fashion ideas, and concertblogs, and thoughts on French electronica, and so on. Unfortunately, the longer I went without blogging, the harder it was to do it... (note: this entry itself took me over a month to write... and not because it is lengthy or full of info.)

Supar-speedy Ka-life update: school was out and starts again tomorrow (AUGH!!), I'm making an effort to stop sleeping 20 hours at a time (currently not very successful), I've pirated over 100gb of comic books, consumed at least 1000 otter pops, lost over 20 lbs, got a new roommate, turned 27 (I'M DYING) and: I really need a part-time job!! I live downtown near Auraria and haven't got a car, so if anyone knows of any hiring coffee shops, data entry places, IT jobs, etc in the area, lemme know. Life Goals: pay rent this month, stop sucking! GRRR

I'm medicated at the moment and all prepared to post my opinions on the internets, so let's and go!!!

I meant my first post back to be a massive artdump, but I wound up meeting a chick in a Denver group on last.fm (any lamers still not on there, you may still join up and friend me if you like; I will accept you despite your flaws). We traded elitist indie music mixes. Obviously, it would just be silly to put a ton of music on my server and not share it with you, my loving flist, so here we go! :D

I've posted a lot of these songs here over the last few years, but you may have missed them at one point or another, so enjoy! :D I'm supposed to make another Denver mix for this month; we'll see if that guy gets back to me. If not, next muzakblog will probably be ponk rock. XD The goal of this mix was just to appeal to the tastes of my trade partner and keep it possible to burn the mix to a real CD, and I almost succeeded. >_>

* MSTRKRFT - Work On You
If you follow wanky indie blogger bullshit nonsense, some frenchie electronica band called Justice is the new big thing lately for people who like stuff like Daft Punk... but MSTRKRFT, hailing from Canada, is so much better, in my opinion. The biggest single Justice has is their remix of Simian's "We Are Your Friends." That's right, SOMEONE ELSE'S SONG is their biggest hit. What the shit is that? Anyhow, MSTRKRFT's album is way better, so you should just listen to them.

* Gotye - Heart's A Mess
From the album "Like Drawing Blood," this slightly haunting indietronica ballad sucked me in when I heard it. I dunno if it's the sentiment that your heart is a mess, or if it's all the minor keys, or his soothing voice, but I love this song (and the rest of the album sounds quite a bit like it). I believe this guy hails from Oztralia, and the first song I heard by him is called "Thanks For Your Time" and is the nicest ballad about being put on hold ever. I should post it sometime. XD (I like a musician with a sense of humor.) "Don't ask me, I just work here, man."

* (Smog) - Bathysphere
(Smog) is very hit and miss for me; I like the guy's voice, which is just scratchy enough to be a little darker than it is soothing. Unfortunately, his songs just kind of don't interest me a lot of the time, which is too bad since he's extremely prolific. This is one of the ones I really like though; the music and lyrics are extremely evocative of the dark, secret beauty of the deep ocean, and then it has a joke ending lol. XD

* Gravenhurst - Bluebeard
Folktronica band Gravenhurst is perfect for falling asleep to; this song is actually one of their more bouncy numbers. XD They're known for their very sparse and folky sound. I only have songs off this album, "the Flashlight Seasons" (other suggested tune from this disc: "The Diver") but if you like super-wussy singers and melancholy tunes, you should try it.

* Gonzales, Dani & Feist - Boomerang (Comme Un Bommerang)
This song hails from a very strange compilation called "Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited" on which a shitton of today's biggest indie artists remake songs by famed French musician Serge Gainsbourg. They're not really covers (for one thing, most of them are in English), but remade interpretations, some of which are rather strange. This particular track always stood out to me (the original by Msr Gainsbourg can be found below on the "bonus disc") but there are a lot of good ones on there. If you wanna hear some more takes on Gainsbourg by the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Tricky, Michael Stipe, Portishead, etc lemme know.

* Murder By Death - Canyon Inn, Room 16
When I found out my tradee wasn't much familiar with indie band MBD I knew I had to put some on here, but which song?? "I'm Afraid of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" or "Until Morale Improves, the Beatings Will Continue" are my fav tunes by this band, but I wanted one I thought she'd really like, so I asked the otherwise useless jokersama for her opinion, since her taste is a bit more similar to this person's than mine. She suggested this track, even though we both associate it irrevocably with Silent Hill (kurse u fst!).

* John Vanderslice - My Old Flame
Mr Vanderslice is a super-nice man who makes soothingly weird indiepop music. We saw him in concert and he gave jokersama many hugs and also $2 off on a pillowcase (he was selling pillowcases). This song, like the above, was chosen by Puu to represent him based on the sort of music my tradee listens to, even though I like other songs by him more. Luckily for all of you he is so nice that he gives away his music for free on his website at high bitrates, and you should all go sample it and then buy an album or a pillowcase or something.

* Kasabian - Club Foot
First heard Kasabian on Denver radio station 93.3's "new music" segment one morning, and could not wait to get home and download this track. Their sound is a very famiilar-sounding mishmash of other indietronica bands (and Radiohead comes to mind for tracks like U-Boat) and their English isn't always so good, but damn if I don't love them anyhow. This first disc is definitely a winner, or at least I think so: you can tell by how I keep putting this damn band on my mixes. Those of you who grab my FSTs must have half this album by now.

* William Shatner - Common People
No, it's not a joke. Not only did Mr Shatner do a cover album, including this Pulp song, but it's actually pretty good! This particular track is a collaboration with Ben Folds, and they made it into a sort of sarcastic and energetic pop rock song. I hate to admit I like it more than the original (which is after all also very good), but it just makes me RAWK OUT whenever it comes on. YOU GO, WILLIAM SHATNER!!!11

* Buffalo Daughter - Earth Punk Rockers
Buffalo Daughter is one of a new crop of indie bands out of Japan that don't sound like cheesy copies of western music from 15 years ago, and for that they must be applauded. Heavy metal guitars, Japanese popstyle melodies and female rock vocals (largely in English) -- they've been called the Japanese Ladytron, which I don't think is accurate enough (for one thing, they rock harder than Ladytron), but try 'em out if that sounds good to you.

* Ride - Endless Road
Several years ago I downloaded songs that one of the Technomancy girls associated with Final Fantasy VII (wow, I just tripped like 3 different "I've been blogging too long" triggers, yes?) and this one really grabbed me. I don't think of FF7 really, but she did succeed in making me associate it with RPGs and parties of people travelling together toward some unknown destination. For those interested in the band, Ride was a British shoegazey folkpop group from the early 90s. I also have a higher bitrate encode of this song for anyone who wants it.

* Panther - How Well Can You Swim
I didn't know how to describe this band, but luckily, some incredibly wanktastic person at last.fm was there for me! "Churning out shattered pop hits that few have the ears to comprehend, Portland, OR’s Panther is a one-man disaster squad. Panther’s music is hard match of damaged soul, falsetto disco and broken synth fueled freakouts which is as addictive as it is challenging." In other words it's basically weird indietronica and sounds like !!! or Animal Collective, kinda.

* The Glove - Mr Alphabet Says
Much like the above, when I figured out my trading partner had similar musical tastes to jokersama, this song leapt immediately to mind. The Glove sounds like the Cure, which makes sense because this is a side project by Robert Smith. Which I did not actually know till I just looked it up now. I always thought the singer was just doing a very good impression of Mr Smith, as many new wave bands tend to, but in fact he IS Mr Smith which would explain just how good the impression is. (The other half of this band is the bassist from Siouxsie & the Banshees.)

* The Faint - Mote
Well, I couldn't really make a mix CD for someone without putting on the band that last.fm tells me is my 2nd-most-listened-to, could I? However, my tradee didn't really seem emokid-new-wave enough to like the Faint the way I do, so I compromised by giving her this Sonic Youth cover instead.

* Azure Ray - New Resolution (Postal Service Mix)
Azure Ray is one of those bands with breathy female vocals and really slow music, which is why I tend to prefer remixes of their stuff, because I like my music to have at least a LITTLE bit of energy. Randomly, I beleive they are on the same label as the Faint, which is Conor Oberst's Saddle Creek Records (lol Bright Eyes). XD

* The Notwist - Pick Up the Phone
If I had been a member of last.fm a few more years, this german indietronica band would probably be much higher on my charts. I played this album, Neon Golden, over and over and over so many times that it is indeliably embedded in my brain. Strangely, the Notwist were once some sort of freaky experimental metal band (when they put out the album "Nook") and I gotta say: I didn't really like them then. But now I think they are awesome!!1 Anyhow, this is one of the less weird songs on this album, but if you enjoy weird songs I recommend trying it! :D

* Stickshift Rocketship - Romeo Says (We're Totally Screwed)
Hay you guys remember the year, like, 1999, when mp3.com and audiogalaxy were the myspaces of the internets and all the little indie bands gathered to give away their 128kbps tracks? Yeah, that's when I downloaded this song totally at random--and I've kept it all these years, because it's a really good song. XD I think the band might even still be around! :D

* Supple - Stayin' Alive
It's a great darkpop sorta cover of this old classic. What else do you need?!

* Jim's Big Ego - Stress
DOWNLOAD ME NOW UNLESS YOU HATE THINGS. Can you tell I'm getting tired of writing? XD JBE is a fun band though and their songs are always sort of quirky and fun. This particular song is one which I identify heavily with during those times in my life when I actually accomplish things. MOAR COFFEE PLZ.

* The Every Thing - Sucker Puncher
I got this off a Dead Bees Records demo disc last summer and immediately could not stop listening to it. Later, I put it on my Jojo FST for Annasui, because there's nothing as romantic as a murderer in love with a righteous girl who could kick his ass. (To be fair, I think Jolyne probably wound up killing more people than him. XD) Anyhow, this band shares a lead singer with the Dandy Warhols and has recently renamed itself to something else, I believe, but I don't recall what and am too lazy to google. The important thing is that this is a fantastic song and if anyone could get me the lyrics for the second verse I'd be forever grateful.

* Safety Scissors - Sunlight's On the Other Side
I believe that Erlend Oye does guest vocals on this song during the chorus. This band is one of those cute bleepy-bloop electronica groups who appear to use an old Casio to create their music and have some wussy skinny dudes to do the singing. This song is about long-distance romance between people who live on opposite sides of the world, and I really really like it. Makes me think of all the wonderful people I know and love in places like Sweeden and Oztralia. ;3;

* Patrick Wolf - Teignmouth
My tradee expressed interest in the music of young Mr Wolf, so after a lot of deliberation, I put up this song, which is one of my favorites. "Tristan" or "the Libertine" are probably better to post for random people, but those are more rock and don't show off his more poetic side as well. While he does need to be smacked around a bit for being such a friggin' prat that he's "given up music" at the age of, what, 20, you can't deny that he made some nice music.

* Filter - The Best Things
Now you're thinking, "wait, Filter, the industrial band from the 90s with vague ties to Nine Inch Nails? The 'Hey Man Nice Shot' band? What the hell is THAT doing here with the rest of these songs?" Well, I'll tell you: I LOVE FILTER, SO STUFF UP. Anyhow, this is a good song off "Title of Record," an excellent album which anyone who likes this type of music should own. The big hit off this album was the ballad "Take a Picture," if you all remember that one.

* The Walkmen - Wake Up
Hey look I'm posting a Walkmen song that's not "The Rat"! ZOMG. I think this might have been one of their first singles.

* Eels - Old Shit/New Shit
My tradee listened to this band way back in the day, and wanted to hear something off their new CD, "Blinking Lights and Other Revelations," which just came out in 2005. Personally, I like the new album. I'm tired of the old shit, let the new shit begin.

I wanted to give my music trade person some of the originals of the above songs, and some remixes, but they wouldn't fit into the "around 70-minute" thing so I um, made her a bonus EP too. (STUFF UP, I COULDN'T HELP IT.)

* The Knife - Marble House (David Sitek Remix)
The person I was trading mixes with is a big fan of TV on the Radio, so of course I had to send her David Sitek's remix of this Knife song! :D (Mr Sitek being a member of said band.)

* Pulp - Common People
The original Pulp song which Mr Shatner covered so entertainingly above.

* Sonic Youth - Mote
One of my more liked Sonic Youth tunes.

* Serge Gainsbourg - Comme Un Boomerang
As mentioned above, Serge Gainsbourg is a famous French musician. Sadly (for me), his songs are in French. Bah.

Wow, that was a lot of writing. Certainly a way to make my blogging comeback. I really want to start being alive again, so I'm hoping to blog, draw, write, etc more, and go to some concerts... I missed some really good ones over the summer while I was moping my life away, but I'll be posting some upcoming shows I'd like to go to, and hopefully one of you local types will oblige me and go. As usual, enjoy the music, tell me if you grabbed it, and look forward to my next post, which could be anything from an artdump to a rant about IRC to a Jojo episode recap. XD

Later. "Silver hammer man!"
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